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For the past 18 months the Cambodian Kids Foundation have been running a project known as “Plant it Forward” The project was the brain child of Donna Cooper (Founder of CKF) and Chris Wright (Head Chef at the Terrace of Maleny). The idea was to create a sustainable income generation program that focused on the growing and selling of fresh and organic fruit and vegetables. 

Currently the program runs in Soksan Village which is located in rural Cambodia in Kampong Thom province. Soksan Village is a community of 45 households - all of which are considered to be living well under the poverty line. Since the ‘Plant it Forward’ program has been running we have been able to build more than 50 wet and dry season garden beds, a Nursery and a well for each household. The gardens are cared for and maintained by the families - each family is empowered to take the initiative to work hard at bettering and expanding upon their gardens in order to increase the amount of income they can make from them. 

The Plant it Forward program is supported by CKF and the Terrace of Maleny. More info on Plant it Forward is available on our website

Due to the success of this Plant it Forward project CKF and the Terrace of Maleny have decided to expand it and open a not for profit training restaurant - The Cambodian Kids Cafe (CKC) 

The Cambodian Kids Cafe will aid in funding the foundation and the Plant it Forward Program by buying the bulk of it’s fresh produce from the families involved with the Plant it Forward program. 

The Cambodian Kids Cafe will be run in partnership by the Cambodian Kids Foundation and the Terrace of Maleny, Chris Wright from the Terrace has had 21 years of experience and currently owns and is the head chef of the Terrace, his input and knowledge is invaluable to this project and greatly appreciated. 

This is obviously a really exciting program/ project for us and we can’t wait to have it up and running! 

If you would like to read more about this new exciting project please check out our facebook page:

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